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About iconordic

White Male,..Born 1934 Nordic / Celtic Genes,..Aquarian,..Genius IQ,. Fine Arts Degree,.. Artist,..Photographer,..Music Theoretitian / Player & Singer,. Essayist,..Miner & Prospector... Mechanical Engineer,..Metal Worker,..Carpenter,..Surveyor & Map Maker,..Knowledge of Astronomy & Astrology...Geology & Geography,..Atmospherics & Meteorlogy,.. Humanitarian,..Archer,..Yogi,..Racialy Aware,..Anti- Feminism,..Politically Incorrect,..Mystic,.Visionary & Sage,..
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  2. iconordic says:

    Hello,..Welcome to this site. It will be my intentions, on this site, to discuss various issues of, significant import, & I, respectfully, invite interested parties to visit this site, on a regular basis, for meaningfull discussions of such matter as,..War & Peace,.. Race Relation,..Civil Rights,.. the Environment,.. & Economic Justice,..The first, matter , to be addressed, will be the matter of the “CHEMTRAILS” that have been appearing in our skies. This writer has been studying this phenominon, for over 10 years & will bring, to my discussion of this matter , certain information, that has not yet appeared on other sites. I hope to post a “CHEMTRAIL”, blogg, on/about, July 3, or before,.. But, I will say, here & now, that this “CHEMTRAIL” matter, is, perhaps, the , single, most important matter, that faces the world today,..What I will reveal, will not be pure “speculation”, but will reveal “facts” that are easy for anybody to varify,.. The “demonsterable magnitude” of this “demonic”, world wide, conspiracy, is easy to see, once you know where to look,.. I will give you a “hint” about it, right now,..It is NOT a “biological” attack upon the population,..but rather, it is about, something, perhaps even more insidious,..& it is going on, every day,..world wide,. in “plane” sight,.. ( pun intended ) & I will prove it,..So,..once again, welcome to this site,.. hurry back,… You may call me,… “Iconordic”

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